Returning Clients

Thank you so much for the continued interest! 

With our first meeting having gone so well, we will both be eager to meet again. Please keep the following in mind each time you initiate one of our dates.

  • Texting is preferred and most effective, particularly for a same day inquiry.
  • Phoning is ok, but remember I don't pick up so be prepared to leave a voice message and I will call you back asap.
  • Email is not efficient for a same day inquiry and should be used only when planning a few or more days in advance. 

It is always required that you send me a text once you arrive at my location and before leaving your vehicle. This will allow me to confirm that I am ready on time and confirm my room number.

If it has been some time since we've spent time together or you need a reminder beyond what is on this page, please review the page new clients. This page is also helpful.

Phone and Text : 306 241 4469

Email :