New Clients

I sincerely look forward to your introduction and meeting you soon!

If you have not yet done so, please browse my website before contacting me to familiarize yourself with my various session styles, fees, availability and etiquette.

Prebooking and same day requests are both readily considered. There are some limitations to prebooking - I will advise when need be.

You are welcome to text (preferred), phone or email. Relevant additional information relating to contacting me can be read here. My email address and phone number can be found at the bottom of this page. Please read through to the end.

A personally composed, polite and clear introduction will get my positive attention and encourage a prompt response. I ask that you include the following in your initial communication.

  • your name
  • your age or age range
  • the time you'd like to meet or a general time frame if you're flexible
  • how long you'd like to spend together and session style
  • your cell phone number (when emailing)
  • anything else you'd like to tell me about yourself

Messages that do not include all of the above information may not receive consideration.

Even though I require that you provide me with your phone number, I will not call unannounced, however, an eventual phone call must always precede a first date. Specifically, I will have you call me during the hour or two prior to our date, from the number you have texted from or provided in email, at which time you will be prompted to leave a voice message that I will return. I never answer the phone. I only return voice messages. Text app is not a suitable method to contact me. This will not allow for the phone call confirmation I require in the hour leading up to our date.

If you have questions or concerns that have not been addressed on my website, I can be reached by any method to personally answer your inquiry. It is important to me that you still introduce yourself and show appropriate interest to compel a response. If your question is already answered on my website I will send a link to my website to suggest you read more thoroughly.

Phone and Text : 306 241 4469

Email :