I hope for the chance to introduce myself to you in person soon, but for now please read on and remember to visit each page for your benefit and mine.

I thrive on being a professional paramour - I am very well suited. I savour intimate company. Naturally doting, warm hearted and approachable, I possess a gift for making you feel comfortable from the moment we meet. An exceptional blend of loveliness, sensuality and substance, I will hold your attention both physically and mentally.

Living a balanced, mindful and uncomplicated life is a priority for me. I eat well, drink plenty of water and get enough rest. I have never been a smoker and drink alcohol only on occasion. 

Allowing time every day to keep active doing things I enjoy including yoga, jogging and biking is important to me. I also commit to plenty of downtime to read, reflect, spend time with loved ones, champion my domestic side, and plan future world travels. Further to my commitment as a professional companion, I have additional business and personal passions. Sharing my time between these promotes a healthy, full and meaningful life.

Kindness, respect, sincerity and generosity of spirit are just a few of the qualities I value in myself and admire in others. With these in common, our connection will come easy. If all goes well, an arrangement such as ours will compel us to visit again and again.