Thank you in advance for your kind generosity!

Descriptions of what is offered for the fees below can be found here. It is also helpful to read my faqPlease have my fee ready to present to me soon after we greet. If it appears you have overlooked the importance of this gesture, I will kindly remind you within the first few minutes. When we meet privately, it is best presented in an orderly manner such as already counted. An envelope is not necessary but as you wish. For our mutual benefit I may count it in front of you. When meeting out for lunch, I will advise in advance how best to present payment.

Girlfriend Experience

$200 / 30 minutes
$250 / 45 minutes
$300 / full hour
$400 / 1.5 hours
$500 / 2 hours

$100 / each half hour after the first 2 hrs 
Longer than 2 hrs available to returning clients only.


$150 / 30 minutes
$200 / 45 minutes

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Date

2 to 5 hrs in total with public and private time split
how we mutually see fit. 
My gfe rates apply.
If this will be our first date certain criteria must be met.
We can discuss at time of booking.

I accept cash in person in CAD or USD at par, and etransfer in advance.