Frequently Asked

Are you close to downtown?
Yes, I am... a straight forward 5 minute drive from downtown. My location is discreet and the parking options are free and abundant.

How much notice do you need?
Same day requests can usually be accommodated during the hours that are on my calendar, which range between 9 am and 10 pm. You may want to prebook a day or two in advance if you have a very specific time in mind. To make a special request to see me outside the hours on my calandar please contact me with no less than 24 hours notice.

Are your photos current and accurate?
They are.

Can you send me more photos of yourself?

Do you allow photos or video to be taken of our time together?
No, I do not.

Do you kiss?
Yes, when it seems a pleasure to do so. I avoid it when the opposite is true. Your hygiene, grooming, and the way you approach me play a big part.

What exactly is included in your gfe? I have read your website but do not see these specifics.
I have recently added a few acronyms in my session descriptions, though I really do not look at our gfe time together as a collection of specific acts. Rather, I prefer to do what feels right in the moment. I practice safe sex and find ways to be very intimate regardless. If something specific is a deal breaker for you feel free to ask before requesting a date. Otherwise, arrive nicely groomed with impeccable hygiene and/or accept my offer to have a shower and the best possible scenario will unfold.

What is absolutely not going to happen?
No role play, bdsm, gs, pse (greek, cof), strapon/pegging (prostate massage is ok), dato on you. These activities are simply not in my nature to enjoy.

No bdsm activities?
Not formally, no. But some exciting and naughty related activities naturally occur when enjoying a gfe with me, such as ass slapping, light hair pulling and other displays of passion if the mood arises.

Are you fetish friendly?
I sure am! Feel free to share your ideas with me. I assure you I am open to hearing anything and most likely will get turned on by your little kink and we can work it into our gfe session. If you'd like your fetish to be the sole focus, I must decline.

Do you offer prostate massage?
I do as long as impeccable hygiene is observed. This is done manually or with hand held toys. Strap-on is not available. Gloves are worn and toys are covered.

Can we shower together?
I am sorry, no. I find it crowded and uncomfortable. But please do make use of my shower on your own - I always offer. And I assure you I've just gotten out.

Do you take clothing requests?
The short answer is no. I always feel best in one of my many dresses with a pretty pair of shoes and something just for you underneath. Suggestions from regularly returning clients will be considered.

Can I take you on a "real date" (without paying you) or can we hang out as friends?
I am flattered but insist we keep our time together professional. That said, being financially compensated for my time does not negate the fact that I really do enjoy your company. I'm happy to accompany you for lunch  to socialize outside of my private setting.

Every time I call, I am directed to your voice mail. How can I get to speak to you?
Leave a message. I rarely answer the phone, preferring instead to let calls go to my voicemail. Calling over and over without leaving a message will only be a waste of your time. If it is not convenient for you to get a call back, sending a text or email may be more appropriate for you. Texting is my preference and email is not effective for a same day request.

For reasons of discretion, my outgoing recording is left blank. Though you will not hear my recorded voice, if you have dialed right and hear the beep I am sure you reached me. Please leave a message.

If you are calling to confirm our date as instructed, I generally still do not pick up so do leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I am able. Certainly with enough notice for you to arrive by show time!

I left a message and have not heard back from you. What gives?
I am so sorry. Your message was either not received, not understood, overlooked or I was not able to get back to you within an appropriate time frame. I'd love for you to try again. If you did not include the information I require to consider a date (see new clients) I may have chosen to disregard it.

Can we make our arrangement through private message on a review board?
When making our plans, I require that we communicate through text and phone call. Knowing your board handle may serve as a screening tool but never on it's own.

Will you decline meeting someone based on age, ethnicity, body type or any other factor?
I do not discriminate based on those or any other physical qualities or personal beliefs. But I will decline spending time with anyone who is rude, disrespectful, indiscreet, or who does not know what a bar of soap is for.

Will you provide a reference for me?
Yes, of course. I am happy to provide a reference for you if we have spent time together within the last 6 months. Please let me know ahead of time who will be contacting me or I will be unable to help.

Do you entertain at stags?
I love attention but not from crowds, so no.

Would you see me and my friend at the same time?
If we have arrived to that level of comfort, you will know.

Can I line you up for my buddy, client, co worker, husband, boyfriend?
I do not take third party bookings. I'd love to hear from that person directly to make plans of our own.

Do you offer duo's?
I am not available for duo's at this time.

Do you see women and couples?
I am sorry, I do not. I have made the firm decision that it is not something I can offer on a consistent basis at this time. If that changes, new information will be added to my website.