Following certain etiquette during our correspondence and when we meet will ensure our time together is the very best it can be.

  • Please always be polite when you contact me. Even after we have met, I appreciate that you include your name in emails, texts and voice messages. Your good manners further endear me to you.
  • Please never put yourself in the position of having to explain our correspondence. It is in your best interest to use a a phone and email account that only you have access to.
  • Please be discreet when arriving for our date. Keep my fee out of sight and try not to appear out of place. If you need to contact me for any reason at the last minute, it is best to do so from the privacy of your vehicle or well away from the building. In most cases you will not have to knock on my door as I will be waiting for you.
  • Please have impeccable hygiene. Being freshly showered and with fresh breath makes me want to get close to you. I understand there are times you are unable to arrive perfectly groomed. You are welcome to use the clean and fully stocked washroom at my place and I will wait patiently while you do so.                                                                                                           
  • Please be sober. I won't be interested in you if you're drunk.                                                                          
  • Please never suggest I lower my standards in terms of health and safety. I have attracted you because you are like minded and value the precautions I take. They are in place for my physical safety, good health and mental comfort, as well as yours.                                                                                                            
  • Please be respectful of my time. I agree that time moves too quickly while we are together. Given our arrangement, I must be aware of when it is coming to an end in keeping with our agreement based on the session you have chosen.     
  • Please do not arrive early unannounced. I like to take my time getting ready for you and am often not ready until just a few minutes before our date. If you are running early, call or text to check if I can accommodate you. I may be able to, but please do not come to my door before our scheduled time without checking first.
  • Please let me know if you are running late. If you are running more than a few minutes late, be courteous and call or text. I will usually still be able to accommodate our full scheduled time as long as you are not more than 10 minutes late.
  • If you can not keep our date please inform me as soon as you know. Even when you can only offer notice on the day of or a couple of hours ahead, I don't impose a cancelation fee or expect reimbursement for costs associated with preparing for our date. I would just love the opportunity to reschedule with you!
  • If you fail to show up without notice or cancel more often than not, I will be unable to schedule with you again. I will blacklist you personally and with my peers. Likewise if you continually waste my time in other ways whether we have met or not.