Exclusive to Saskatoon : Daily

My availability varies between 10 am and 8 pm.
Some days are marked "tbd" until just a day or two before.
I also take random days off with varying amounts of notice
marked "unavailable", all as seen on 
my calendar.

In keeping with the precautions we are all expected 
to take for physical distancing, I am currently limiting 
my availability to those I know well. 
In planning for my
eventual full time return, new clients are welcome to
introduce themselves and I will keep you personally informed. 
Once I am able to see new clients, that will be made clear here 
and through any online ads I may have up.

Are you looking for a same day or short notice appointment?
I can do that!

Have a look at my calendar to see what your options are. There is a generous time range almost every day and I can often be ready with as little as 30 minutes notice during those times. To avoid disappointment, offer as much notice as you can and it helps if you're a little bit flexible. I can be reached as early as 7 am.

Would you like to prebook a day or two in advance?
Sure thing!

Choose your preferred time from what's shown on my calendar and contact me with any amount of notice.

The times on my calendar don't work for you?
I may be able to accommodate!

Contact me with a minimum of 24 hrs notice and I should be able to work with your schedule. In some cases even days marked as "unavailable" are an option with enough notice. Success rate is about 50%. It's worth asking! A modest deposit may be required.

* Important In All Cases * 
Please check my calendar immediately before contacting me to ensure nothing has changed since you last viewed it. My availability changes with varying amounts of notice - I sometimes find myself with more time or less. If you have prebooked but later notice my calendar has changed it does not apply to you.